all obsessed with fame....says we're all the same.

I will always be envious of good father daughter relationships.

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Lakme Fashion Week 2014

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As I socially smoke my occasional cigarette I begin to realize I am addicted to one thing and one thing only, the feeling of love.

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I have not tumblered in a good while. I have not expressed written emotion in awhile.
Feeling self absorbed.
Making mistakes? or trying too hard to not make any at all?
Over thinking everything.
No plan when I used to have so many dreams.
With age comes reality.
Where I went wrong with so many decisions

….my goals

They are strangers to me now
trying to find a solution for a stable reality or a clear view of the dreams that are hard to imagine.

A clear view.

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White people crying after Mitt Romney lost the election


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Urb Melting Tights


Hayley Williams


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Darryl is mega

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Note to birthday self:

-2 pairs of tights

-record player


-roller rink

-indoor sky dive

-lazer tag


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